Dec. 23rd, 2020 04:27 pm
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I am moving here from LJ, or at least will be crossposting things here in the future. You can also find me in all these places- I'm on Twitter, Tumblr and Plurk with a lot more regularity than I am on LJ/DW (though maybe I'll try to post here more often).

Semi-friends-locking system will remain the same as it was on LJ: almost all IRL-stuff will be f-locked, fandom things of all description will be unlocked. If we've talked anywhere else on the internet and you enjoyed the conversation, feel free to friend me (though a comment, here or wherever else we've talked, to let me know would be nice) and I will probably add you back!

That is all.
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I WENT TO GREECE! for a week, with some of my classics classmates. it was pretty fucking amazing, and consisted largely of really old rocks, at least one museum per day, seriously intense geeking out, an abundance of newly-formed inside jokes, cheap cocktails, half-arsed academic debates, acquaintances becoming friends, more geeking out, eating lots of things with feta/spinach/tomatoes/olives/sesame/honey in, long coach rides, sore feet, and so on.

you can find photos in my LJ album HERE~ (alternatively, they're also on Facebook, if you have me added there). and some teaser pics:

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HOLY SHIT I POSTED FIC. I am as surprised as you are! I started writing this because Robyn and I were complaining about how kawaii all the Kyoko/Sayaka fanart is and why does no one make things where they angrykiss, and then a couple of hours later I had this.

Title: Metal Pins Between My Teeth
Author: [personal profile] magnificentbastards
Fandom: Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Characters/Ships: Kyoko Sakura, Sayaka Miki, Kyoko/Sayaka (+ very brief mentions of more or less everyone else)
Warnings: canonical character death, briefly mentioned non-canonical death of unnamed OC, fight scene with bladed weapons, a bit of blood, swearing, desperate angry kissing, I think that’s it

(After her first meeting with Sayaka, Kyoko punches the wall of the abandoned house until her knuckles bleed.)


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