magnificentbastards: (Baccano!/gpoy: dapper as fuck)
2020-12-23 04:27 pm


I am moving here from LJ, or at least will be crossposting things here in the future. You can also find me in all these places- I'm on Twitter, Tumblr and Plurk with a lot more regularity than I am on LJ/DW (though maybe I'll try to post here more often).

Semi-friends-locking system will remain the same as it was on LJ: almost all IRL-stuff will be f-locked, fandom things of all description will be unlocked. If we've talked anywhere else on the internet and you enjoyed the conversation, feel free to friend me (though a comment, here or wherever else we've talked, to let me know would be nice) and I will probably add you back!

That is all.