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Marthur ([personal profile] magnificentbastards) wrote2012-04-08 07:42 pm
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old as balls

I WENT TO GREECE! for a week, with some of my classics classmates. it was pretty fucking amazing, and consisted largely of really old rocks, at least one museum per day, seriously intense geeking out, an abundance of newly-formed inside jokes, cheap cocktails, half-arsed academic debates, acquaintances becoming friends, more geeking out, eating lots of things with feta/spinach/tomatoes/olives/sesame/honey in, long coach rides, sore feet, and so on.

you can find photos in my LJ album HERE~ (alternatively, they're also on Facebook, if you have me added there). and some teaser pics:

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I feel as though I am crossing the streams a bit here, but since we are likely going to be in the same city come October -- want to be Facebook friends? :D
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That link worked, and I have sent a request! I think I am recognisable by the fact that my profile picture is 50% umbrella. XD